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Premium Tours is an experienced passenger transportation company. We provide the highest level of professionalism and safety during trip.

Things we also deal with are hotel and restaurant reservations, managing tickets for upcoming events and private sightseeing tours and excursions.

There are so many beautiful places in Croatia worth visit. We organize private sightseeing tours and excursions. These kinds of excursions are more cost-effective than group tours because they offer a personal experience. For example, you can express your special wishes and stop at the places you liked the most. Our tour guide is here exclusively for your entertainment. You are the one who decides what to visit and how much you would like to stay at some place, providing yourself enough time for everything you have imagined.

Private guide and a driver can take you to the famous city sights and attractions away from the crowd. In addition, all hidden places you will never visit with the group tour are now available.

Your safety and comfort are our highest priority. Our friendly employees are experienced and professional drivers will ensure your safety during your journey.

Visit us in Split and book a private sightseeing tour for you and your family!