A new way of tourism

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Here at Premium Tours, we wanted to offer our clients a different way of enjoying their vacation, an adventure tailored completely by their own needs and wishes, and supported by the impeccable service of our staff, modern technologies and high-quality features. 

Our idea of tourist service is simple and complex at the same time. We are dedicated to providing ultimate experiences by taking the best out of classic tourism, and upgrading it to a whole new level. What does that even mean? Well, basically it means you don’t have to worry about all those details such as organizing your vacation, finding transportation, booking restaurants and hotels, waiting in lines and wasting your precious time. 

The Premium Tours staff is made of professional, experienced and highly trained personnel, from licensed chauffeurs to private concierges. Whether you need a private taxi service, airport transfer, someone to take care of your everyday routine and tasks, or you want to enjoy a private sightseeing excursion and tour, we’ve got you covered. 

Apart from supreme quality of service, we also offer you complete discretion and safety. Travel with elegance and style, take the most out of your vacation, and, instead of wasting it on organization and planning, use your time to have fun and create new memories. With Premium Tours you choose your dream vacation, and we make it happen.